Appearance Update

I realize it would have been better had I posted this on Wednesday instead of Friday…but better late than never?

Last night was Saranac’s Girls’ Night Out, a street/art fair. The library hosted about fifteen local authors (Believe me, they are great hosts!). Kelly Tinkham, Joselyn Vaughn and I all shared a section with a good time had by all.


In my defense for posting so late, I do have another appearance next week Friday, September 25th, at the Fremont Art Hop. Also in attendance there will be Joselyn Vaughn, WS Gager, and JQ Rose. Would love to see you too!

2 thoughts on “Appearance Update

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Well, if you had posted about the Saranac visit, you would not have had this great photo to share on your blog. You have a fantastic table display! Glad you had fun, you wild and rowdy kids!

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