Five Things I Can’t Live Without…

I’m starting a new weekly series on Wednesdays. My partners in crime for this tag team are Bronwyn Green, Leigh Jones, Kellie St. James, and Jess Jarman.

Bronwyn said this would be an easy one, but not for me. I pondered this one. Postponed writing it since she gave me the topic. Even dreamed about it (granted I dreamed of an empty blog page with huge screaming letters for a title). When all the other blog links had rolled in, mine was still AWOL.

Then I thought of something I’ve been known to say (and no, it’s not “Everybody loves a good plague,” although I say that too.) On particularly bad house days, I sometimes pull out of the driveway and think, “If I came home and everything here was gone, I wouldn’t care as long as I had DH, the kids, and my wedding ring.”  And there it was…three out of the five things I can’t live without.

1) DH. What can I say? We just work.

2) My sweet, talented, smart, (and also very talkative) girls. I see in them the potential and joy and energy to change the world.

3) My wedding ring. ‘Cause I really like it.

Which still left me with #s 4 and 5. So without further ado, I give you:

4) Beauty. Originally this started as music/art but then I realized that was two things. So let’s leave it at beauty, manmade or divine.

5) Avocados. ‘Cause they taste good…and they’re really a cool shade of green, although it is true I can sub artichokes on any given day.

How about you? It’s hard, isn’t it, to boil it down? Go visit Bron’s, Leigh’s, Kellie’s, and Jess‘ blog to see what their top five are.

BTW, leave a vote below for what I should call this here Wednesday dealie.

11 thoughts on “Five Things I Can’t Live Without…

    1. Tess Grant says:

      I know. Duh! What was I thinking? After I read a few other posts and they all had caffeine on their list, I realized I’d made a grave error.

      We have sunshine today. Yay!

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Chocolate! I haven’t developed a taste for avocado. Could that be because they have no taste?? Looking forward to your Wednesday event.What a great idea to gang up, is that the correct writerly term, to blog. Every Thursday this spring I’m doing an event too with guest authors, Seeds of Inspiration.Come on over

  2. Kate says:

    Eating guacamole right now and approving of #5!

    As for me… on the really serious side I’d have to say God, and on the really mundane side, nail clippers. 😛

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