The Nerd Quilt (or how to put all your geekiness into one comforting blankie)

We Grants tend to wave our nerd flag pretty high and bedding is no exception. Daughter #1 was heading off to college this fall and Jo-Ann’s had some amazing fandom fabric. What better way to combine it all in one than to make a quilt?

Armed with a pattern from Happy Zombie for the patio quiltย and fabric representing Star Wars, Jaws, Dr. Who, Marvel Avengers, The X-Files, Gravity Falls, and an occasional Sasquatch here and there, we built this beauty.

Nerd Quilt

Along with Jo-Ann’s, we found some of our fabric at Spoonflower, a really cool site with custom fabric. Okay, I will admit it: We finished the quilt top two days before she left for school. But we have some amazing Lord of the Rings fabric waiting for our backing and batting and we’ll be quilting by Christmas break. I think the nerd quilt will be ready to go to school for second semester.

I think my favorite square is the Sasquatch/X-Files mix. What’s yours?

15 thoughts on “The Nerd Quilt (or how to put all your geekiness into one comforting blankie)

  1. Joselyn says:

    You donโ€™t even know how much I love the Sasquatch fabric. I think one of my friends has made some designs and put them on spoonflower. Not the Sasquatch ones though.

  2. J.Q. Rose says:

    Wow! What a masterpiece of all things fandom. I wish I could see the patterns better so I could pick out the faves, but the colorful quilt will certainly be welcome in a dreary dorm room, as well a cozy comfortable reminder of home.. You made it sound like making a quilt is as easy as a fun day shopping. It takes a lot of time cutting out the pieces and hours at the machine. You skipped telling us that part! Wishing your daughter all the best with her college studies! And hope Mom is getting used to her being away.

  3. Kris says:

    Love it. A bit hard to see the detail, so I’m thinking the Saquatch is my favorite so far. I’m holding out to see the LOTR backing, though.

  4. Gwen says:

    I love it!! Once again you amaze me with your craftiness skills ๐Ÿ™‚ Bridget is going to have one cool quilt for school! This definitely tells a great story.
    Hope you are doing well! Let’s catch up soon – enough phone tag!!

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