Things I Learned (and Remembered) at the Beach

This summer has been slow to get rolling. That’s not just the weather I’m talking about, but us personally. My oldest daughter has a steady job, my youngest is taking here-and-there work, and their partners-in-crime cousins are super busy too. But we finally got there!

  1. The first thing I learned (and I really did already know this…somehow I just blocked out) is that when it’s 90 degrees in Michigan, that doesn’t mean the water is warm. I think it was around 50 degrees. Even my half-mermaid children would have none of it. I didn’t even get my ankles wet. This leads me to the next thing I learned (or remembered).
  2. When the water is too bloody cold, and your kids say they’re going for a walk, make the one who brought her Timex Ironman with her take it with her! Two hours after they trekked out, our wandering children returned, and DH and I had nearly roasted in the interim. Why? Because the water was too d*^* cold… and we need an umbrella.
  3. Buy a beach umbrella.
  4. Now to the good stuff. Know how your cheap favorite flip-flops break after a few weeks because the in-between toe thingy pulls through? No more!  Put the little green photo(73)

bread thing (is that a latch? A tie? A whatzit?) around the base. Voila…your favorite cheap  flip-flops stay your faves for a few weeks more.

5. Green Army Men Gummies. Because the beach needs snacks and ever since Toy Story who can resist a little green army man? They have low-crawl man, tank guy, plus your general infantry boys. Mmmm…green apple.


That’s it. Now that my head is on straight for the next beach trip, I’ll let you know how it goes. Any pointers?

10 thoughts on “Things I Learned (and Remembered) at the Beach

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Thank you thank you for the tip on the flip flops. I don’t wear them but the grandkids do and the thingy-between-the toe is always breaking. G’pa uses Gorilla glue, but even that doesn’t hold too long! Thanks for the other notes on the beach too because we’ll be heading there sometime this summer–AFTER the water warms up a bit!!! You gave me a giggle here.!

  2. Gwen says:

    Summer in Northern Michigan – aaaahhhh, reminds me of a song 😊

    Thanks for the reminder on the bread tie dakine (Hawaiian for whatchamacallit)!! I forgot that trick!!

  3. dksalerni says:

    I have never been to a beach that wasn’t on an ocean.

    I have seen the Great Lakes when flying over them to California and was amazed by how “great” they really are. Someday I want to visit a Great Lake state and see what one of your beaches looks like.

  4. carenksr says:

    Wow that’s cold water. The water at our local beach is the temperature of warm bath water. Cooler than the blazing sun but still pretty darn warm for swimming. Sounds like a good time. Surprised the gummies didn’t melt.

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