Hot News: Appearances Update

Hot News!
Hot News!

Yes, I finally did it! I updated my Appearances page. Since my last update, I have added ten appearances to my page. However, since I’m still slightly behind the curve, all but one of them have already gone by. 😦

In my defense, I did tweet and (gasp!) Facebook about said appearances. (Yes, I am now Tess Granton Facebook…barely. I will be working with a Facebook expert–a 15-year-old friend of my daughters–to expand my author page soon.)

I’ve had some great times talking about the science and history behind the paranormal, specifically werewolves, for the Teen Summer Reading Program at Kent District Library (KDL). The library system  runs really fun summer programs for their younger patrons. I’ve learned something new from participants at most presentations and incorporated it, so

In which I talk about the dangers of using non-silver utensils to make silver bullets.
In which I talk about the dangers of using non-silver utensils to make silver bullets.

the presentations are never quite the same twice (just like my homemade salsa).

I’ve also done several Books and Bones presentations, which are talks combined with a book signing, and even a general author’s panel.


Werewolf Cupcakes
Werewolf Cupcakes




Sometimes when I get really lucky, cupcakes are involved. Check out these babies!

So…if you are free August 7th at 2 p.m., I’d love to have you join me for my last appearance of the summer. I’ll be at the Kentwood Branch of the KDL.

Hopefully, more news will be coming soon. In particular, I’m finally ready to introduce my WIP to the world or at least give him his own section on my What I Write pages. The first draft is so, so, so close to being done.

What’s new with you this summer?

2 thoughts on “Hot News: Appearances Update

  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    Your 10 appearances and 9 are already done? Um, that is a bit late notice, eh? LOL..Sounds like you are on the technology train roaring down the FB track. 15 year olds are wizards at that! Congrats on the almost finished first draft. I’m closing in on the last chapter of mine too. Squeeee!! We’ll have to have a end-of-first-draft party!!!

    1. Tess Grant says:

      Yeah, I’m not so good at updating my static pages. Bleah. Maybe I can hire my FB wizard to help me out with that. 🙂

      Congrats to you too. It feels so good to feel the end in sight.

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