Hot News: Appearances Update

Hot newsI’m not sure this qualifies as hot news, but is an update on two upcoming appearances. I will update my appearances tab soon…honest!

Tonight at 6:30 at the Saranac Public Library, I will be doing a Books and Bones presentation on Where the Werewolf Got His Bite, which will be a look into the science behind the werewolf myth. Stop in for a talk, chocolate and some special sales.

On Saturday, April 4, at Traveler’s Trunk Bookstore in Cedar Springs from 2:30 to 4:30, I will be doing a book signing with Patricia Kiyono. There will probably be chocolate involved. I’m just saying.

Would love to see you at either location. Check back on the Appearances tab soon for my summer library schedule!

4 thoughts on “Hot News: Appearances Update

  1. diggingintherocks says:

    Hey you. I saw a text from you last week, but I was flat on my ass with stomach flu. I have finally returned, nearly, to the land of the living. It was nasty stuff.

    How’s it by you?   Marianne


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