Shades of Summer

I can’t believe summer is over. It was with mixed feelings I sent the girls out the door to summer farmschool on Tuesday–one to her first day of middle school, one to her first day of high school…sniff, sniff. Maybe now I’ll get the house cleaned, maybe I’ll get some writing done, I think. But I know that I’ll miss our impromptu trips to the beach and late nights seeing how many stars are out even more.

I never did post an update on the curb appeal project (but I will soon!). The walkway did get finished. Unfortunately, not much else did. Thank goodness, Mother Nature pitched in with all the day lilies, ferns and hostas, and the farmette ended up looking pretty good.

Summer was a whirl–a trip to Maine (hi Brenda!), our first foray into the world of marching band, the garden. But I wanted to share a few pics of writing and reading friends I spent time with along the way.

L-R: J.Q. Rose, Tess Grant, Joselyn Vaughn, and W.S. Gager
L-R: J.Q. Rose, Tess Grant, Joselyn Vaughn, and W.S. Gager

First off, the Artsplace in Fremont, Michigan. JQ Rose, Joselyn Vaughn, WS Gager and I met to talk about what inspires us during the dog days of summer.

My future fan
My future fan

Next there was the Reading Rocks Festival in Rockford Michigan. I met one of my future fans there…isn’t he a doll?

Kitty who is Irish with her copy of one of the Kitty Irish books.
Kitty who is Irish with her copy of one of the Kitty Irish books.

I also met Kitty who is Irish. Isn’t that a fun coincidence? Of course, she bought a copy of the first book in the Kitty Irish trilogy, Trajectories.

How was your summer? Make any new friends? Bump into any old ones?

5 thoughts on “Shades of Summer

  1. Gwen says:

    I love your post! It made me nostalgic for summer on the mainland with the inevitable changing of the seasons. Here in Hawaii it’s a bit different, but we do have the surf seasons and the daylight hours get a little shorter. You might remember that it also “cools off” for winter – 70 is chilly! It’s been wonderful to be back in the islands and close to the ocean that I love – that’s my old friend!

    I miss you!!

  2. J.Q. Rose says:

    Great photos..I especially liked the one at the author’s talk..hee hee. That darling little boy and your lilies at the farmette are very special. Oh heck, I like them all!! I too wonder where the summer went.

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