Zippy Things

I’ve been busy for a few weeks (working that curb appeal thing at the farmette) but that doesn’t mean good things haven’t been happening. In fact, I have a few zippy things to share.

The first…oh yeah…is my photo(31)werewolf  beer. Is it not amazing? My sister got it for me for my birthday! It’s from the brewery Rinkuskiai from the Birzai region of Lithuania (well, this particular one is imported).

Check out the lovely neck decoration….photo(33)

The first time I read the description I kind of misread…it was talking about the rich malt flavor. I thought it said meat flavor. 🙂

It’s a little hard to read the label but underneath the girl/wolf’s face (yes, we all thought about coloring that blonde hair brown to make her look like Kitty Irish), it says, “You must be sure you wanna taste it.” I’m not sure. It’s too good to open. For right now, it’s going on my shelf of cool things.

NEW Reviewed by LASR copyHere’s another cool thing.  Both Gathering Speed and Flying in the Dark, Books Two and Three of the Kitty Irish Trilogy, were reviewed by Long and Short Reviews (LASR) in the past two weeks. Check out Speed here and Flying here. They’ve also reviewed Trajectories in the past.

I was excited to get 4.5 stars for each book in the trilogy and was especially excited about this line…”I highly recommend Flying in the Dark and the entire Kitty Irish Trilogy to anyone searching for a gripping young adult paranormal series.”

So, all in all, a great few weeks. I hope to be posting a curb appeal update soon. In the meantime, how about you? Any zippy things to report?

8 thoughts on “Zippy Things

  1. Gwen Haugen says:

    Love ya girl! I can just see you saying “Zippy” – that is such. ” YOU” word 🙂 Thanks for making me smile. Congrats on the good news in your life!!!

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