Gathering Speed Cover Reveal

Wow! I can’t believe how the summer has flown by. I had great plans to blog regularly…yeah, not so much. I don’t want to look back at my kickoff to summer blog to see what I haven’t done.

With time passing so quickly, the release for Gathering Speed, Book Two of the Kitty Irish Trilogy has snuck up on me. It’s now only a month away. So I have something new and shiny and exciting to show you.

Thanks cover artist, KJ Jacobs. I love the frosty feeling of the woods. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Gathering Speed Cover Reveal

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Please excuse me if you have five comments come through at the same time from me, but I’ve been trying to leave a comment for you. Your cover is perfect!! You can tell they are both books from the same series. Congratulations!

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