Appearances and other exciting stuff

Summer is rolling at the Grant farm. The chickens have happily relocated to the 2000-pound movable chicken coop. The horse is in vampire mode–hiding in the shadows all day, wandering the pasture at night. The poor garden is in constant danger–too dry, too wet, too windy–but the plants keep coming anyway. Every day they amaze me with their ability to survive. The girls have been chasing fireflies most nights–bumper crop this year on the little glowing dudes. They’ve also been checking out the berry bushes every day–we almost have enough black raspberries for a batch of jam.

The first chapter of Trajectories, The Kitty Irish Trilogy is available today at D. Renee Bagby Presents YA First Chapters. Stop by and say hello or point it out to a young friend who might be looking for a fun summer beach read.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be at the White Lake Community Library at 8 p.m. presenting Werewolves: They’re not just for Dating Anymore. This should be a great time and will help get you prepared for the next full moon coming up on July 3rd.

How is your summer going? Take the time to eat some ice cream and dip your toes in the water!

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