Teen Tuesday–Hearing from Tomorrow’s Writers Today

It’s Tuesday! Welcome again to Teen Tuesday where we listen to the voice of one of tomorrow’s writers today. Before we begin, I need to start with some housekeeping…if you’re a young writer and want to be featured on Teen Tuesday, give me a shout out at tessgrantwrites@gmail.com. I keep it anonymous and get parent approval. I’d love to hear from YOU!

Today, we read a sample from D. D. is 13 and has only been writing for a few months. She likes to write other-worldly creature romance, and in her off-time she likes to read.

Her WIP is still unnamed; she hasn’t found the right fit yet.

* * *

Anathist woke up the morning of November first. ‘Great, another day I’m alive.’ She thought to herself. Anathist hated life. So much pain, she had witnessed too much of it in her life. Her sister, Ranama, died before her very eyes just last year. Anathist still had two sisters and one brother, but she was closest to Ranama. Anathist shook her tail, and started to swim to the kitchen.

Being a vampire and a mermaid was not all that easy. Anathist’s family (apart from one other) was the only other vampire mermaids in the Pacific Ocean. They could control the poison in their venom. They could change another creature instantly, but the way they attacked so swiftly made it so hard to change without killing them. Maybe be even impossible. Anathist entered the kitchen, only to find her younger sister, Flame.
“Fish out your own breakfast today, I’m too tired.” Flame told Anathist. They fed off fish blood; it tasted better than land creatures. Flame saw how Anathist fiercely grabbed a small shark and bit it.

“You alright sissy, you look sad.” Flame said flipping back her long fire-red hair.
“Just thinking about how it would feel just to end all of the pain now, and join Ranama. No more pain, I could be with her, and watch over all of you guys.” Anathist said and Flame slammed into her with a hug.

“Sissy, you’re not doing that! Please, I wouldn’t have you to take care of me.”

“I won’t it, just has been going through my mind all week.” Flame released Anathist as their brother, Blake entered.

“Morning” Blake said as he went and grabbed a few fish. Anathist and Flame nodded and Anathist twirled her dirty-blonde hair. Blake was not merciful with his food; he just drank the blood and moved onto the next. He was done within a minute. The dark-red blood soaked his jet-black hair. He noticed and quickly cleaned it out.

“I’m thinking of going on land today to find a human boy-friend.” Anathist admitted quickly.

* * *

Vampire Mermaids! D. has got her hands on a very original concept here. Let’s hear it for D.

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