You might be a member of the Sisterhood…

My friend, Joselyn Vaughn, and I recently realized we have a sisterhood.  We would prefer that it was the “Sisterhood of the Bestselling Novel.” Instead we are members of the “Sisterhood of the Bum.” This is a much larger group.  Anyone with children in diapers or potty training or new puppies or aging household pets may be a member.

To see if you are a member of the Sisterhood, study the list below.

You might be a member of the Sisterhood of the Bum, if…

Your husband thinks the smell of Fantastik is your new perfume.

You take the pooper scooper with you on any hike over 100 feet.

As soon as she sees you, the clerk at the grocery store punches in the price of the 6-pack of Bounty paper towels without checking the conveyor.

Conversations between you and your husband focus mainly on frequency and consistency of bodily functions of the puppy.

The vet techs don’t bother to file your puppy’s paperwork when you leave and know your voice by sound.

You mark your puppy’s hot spots on the lawn with pin flags, and by the end of the day it looks like the Ms. Dig guy was marking utility lines while on crack.

If you answered “Yes,” “Been there, done that,” or “Just this morning” to more than one of these, welcome to the Sisterhood.

(Sorry, there are no benefits to membership. I am told that the puppy will grow out of her food allergy, but so far it seems a vicious rumor.)

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, check out Joselyn Vaughn’s blog for more stipulations.

6 thoughts on “You might be a member of the Sisterhood…

  1. Marti O says:

    Thank goodness my puppy is past all that now…except when I don’t pay enough attention to her and she decides to be naughty. Good luck. It really is worth it.

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