On the Eve of Platform Building

I have joined Rachael Harrie’s Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. Woohoo, I think. I’m going to gain some insight into this whole blogging deal, learn the ropes, meet some great writers who write what I do (and maybe some who don’t). Then a freakish storm whips through, and I’m left with no power. Now, I’m lucky and I know it. I’m not anywhere near the path of Irene. There’s no flooding, no mud, no destruction. A heavy downpour with lots of wind, and I’m left with a sunny day, an intact house, a safe family.

And no power.

That’s okay, I think. I’ll just pop online using my cell phone and…wait, I ran the battery down on my phone last night and didn’t charge it. But that’s okay because I can finally get to work on those chapter edits. Wait, I ran my laptop battery down last night and didn’t charge that either. That’s okay, today I will have a cool drink of water on my porch and relax. No, wait, my pump doesn’t work and I don’t have any water.

Now, this isn’t meant to be a woe-is-me type of blog. Nor is it meant to be a comment on how inept I am in taking care of my electronics. What it is meant to do is remind us of how quickly we can all be disconnected.

That’s a scary thought.

Well wishes to all those touched by Irene.

12 thoughts on “On the Eve of Platform Building

  1. writewoman2004 says:

    Here’s hoping that your power (electricity, not personal. You could never lose that) has been restored. Looking forward to your insights on blogging. It’s a whole different world out there.

  2. Rachael Harrie says:

    It is scary, isn’t it! We moved house at the start of the year and I was without internet for nearly 4 weeks – it almost killed me O_O Funny how easily we take all this for granted.

    Hope it’s all back to normal now.



  3. Kelley York says:

    Our power unfailingly goes out at least once a year during the winter thanks to rain/thunder/storms. When it does, I really do wander in circles around my house, trying to figure out what to do. “I’ll watch TV! Oh, no. Um. I’ll play on my computer! Oh…well, what about watching a–or…playing a video game or—wait…um…”

    This year, though, I’m PREPARED. I have my Nook, so if the power dies, I’ll have something to keep me entertained.

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